The benefits of utilizing a mobile app for your association are endless! We boldly evolve with new technology and stay ahead of growing trends for the needs of our clients. Our professional support staff will help you more effectively manage and market your community to current and potential residents. The most popular and noteworthy benefits are:

  • Efficiency for board of directors to communicate within the community
  • Ability to target messages for various sub groups like the board of directors * Peace of mind with weather and emergency alerts, as well as immediate contact capabilities
  • No additional hardware or software costs
  • Provides up-to-date information for community events and activities * Provides an efficient way to survey the residents of the community
  • The community feels connected through regular communication, thereby building goodwill and a familial atmosphere
  • Eases collection process for administrative staff through automatic reminders
  • Ability to collect HOA fees from residents
  • Saves money on sending newsletters, flyers, and other forms of communication that often get misplaced and sometimes ignored
  • Promotes a green environment within your community by eliminating some paper correspondence
  • Increases visibility to community events


The features of an app built by Mobile Apps One will enable you to make a minimal investment in technology, while greatly enhancing your overall ability to increase communication within the community. A mobile app is an enhancement to your current website.

  • Don’t need a website to have a mobile app
  • Increase communications with Board of Directors, Managers and Residents
  • Free Alerts using our push messages
  • Emergency contact information
  • Neighborhood & Community Contacts
  • Safety contact information, including FEMA & Red Cross
  • Mobile Banking Tab